Riverine Plains Blog

Preventing herbicide resistance from reducing your grain yields

 Key Messages

  • weed herbicide resistance levels are continuing to increase across the Riverine Plains region
  • it’s important to monitor resistance, especially to post-emergent chemicals and glyphosate
  • weed seeds can be collected from problem paddocks for resistance testing
  • adopting an integrated weed management strategy, or methods from ‘The Big 6’, will ensure farmers stay on top of weed control issues
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Reducing the risk of cereal yield losses from Fusarium crown rot

Key messages:

  • Four consecutive good seasons, along with stubble retention and tight cereal rotations have favoured a build-up of Fusarium crown rot in the Riverine Plains region
  • High levels of Fusarium crown rot can cause significant yield loss, so assess the risk now by sampling last years’ cereal stubble or by using Predicta®B DNA soil testing
  • Integrated management options will reduce the risk of yield loss from Fusarium crown rot and other root diseases
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What does the 4G upgrade mean for my farm?

Key messages

  • the 3G network is being switched off in 2024 in favour of 4G and 5G networks
  • on-farm electronic devices that rely on 3G technology will need to be upgraded to continue functioning
  • there will be costs involved in upgrading, so it’s important to be prepared and know where to get assistance
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