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Being Prepared and Staying Safe this Harvest

Key Messages: 

  • Each day is different – some days will run more smoothly than others so be aware of this and know when to take a break, switch paddocks or call it a day. 

  • Try to think rationally and not over think things. Discuss options openly with your harvest staff. 

  • Share the responsibility with others and delegate tasks when possible.

This season is testing the resilience and patience of farmers in our region and while harvest is currently very stop, start and erratic, it is important to keep safety at the forefront. 

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Windrowing vs direct-heading canola: key points to consider this season

Key Points
  • Monitor canola for seed colour change (both on the main stem and branches) to determine the optimum windrowing time
  • Contractor availability, trafficability & heavy, lodged crops may compromise windrowing
  • Direct heading may provide an alternative to windrowing in some situations.

Riverine Plains’ farmers would usually be busy gearing up for windrowing at this time of year, however the cool and wet conditions have delayed canola maturity and caused a host of other issues.

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