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AgTech – The Future Is Exciting!

Key points 
  • AgTech includes everything from internet-connected sensors to software and advanced robotics  
  • AgTech can provide data insights that help with decision-making.  
  • Any AgTech investment must be worthwhile and not create more problems than it solves 
What is AgTech? 

Many people get overwhelmed when they think of AgTech. AgTech is a catch-all term that describes technological solutions that aim to improve yield, efficiency and profitability in agriculture (i.e. that make life easier). 

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Grazing Young Forage Crops; Things To Look Out For

Key points 
  • Introduce stock slowly to grazing cereal and canola/brassica crops  
  • Feed test to know the quality of your crop 
  • Avoid nutrient imbalances when grazing young crops by providing a mineral/salt lick and roughage 
  • Know the signs of nutrient-related animal health disorders. 

While some farmers have already started grazing winter forage crops, some later-sown crops will only be ready for grazing now. Cereals are ready to be grazed when they have developed secondary roots and are well anchored, usually around the 3-leaf stage.  

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