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Timing is everything for maximising hay and silage production

Key messages:

  • fodder demand and pricing will be impacted by predicted warmer and drier conditions and declining livestock prices over the coming months
  • producing quality fodder depends on the timing of cutting and the interval to baling or ensiling
  • take into account the stock class to which fodder will be fed and the timing of it; this will ensure that the fodder is harvested at a time that maximises quality and/or quantity
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Maximising electronic ID technology in livestock systems

Key messages

  • electronic identification (EID) technology underpins NLIS traceability, biosecurity and market access
  • mandatory EID tagging of sheep and farmed goats begins on 1 January 2025
  • using EID technology for performance monitoring and record keeping can enhance livestock management and decision making

EID technology has many applications beyond its role in traceability and represents a real opportunity for farmers looking to improve their livestock management.

Although many farmers are already familiar with EID technology, there are many who may be feeling overwhelmed by the cost and upskilling required. So, what are the additional benefits of using EID technology and where can you get help if you need extra support?

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Making the most of dual purpose crops

Key messages

  • Dual purpose winter crops can help fill the autumn–winter feed gap
  • While there is currently a full moisture profile, a dry topsoil and potentially dry autumn may impact establishment
  • Be mindful of soil temperature and available soil moisture when sowing early (February–March)
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