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Farming Digital: using integration to create efficiencies on-farm

Key messages

  • using apps with the ability to integrate with other farm hardware and software can save time inputting data and provide decision making benefits
  • yield maps can often be hard for farmers to access in time to make management decisions; apps such as Bayer’s FieldView can help solve this by providing live, remotely accessed, and shareable data via a cloud-based system
  • local farmers that tested the FieldView app liked its ability to map farming operations, and that results were available in real time; the high level of data collection can also be integrated with other management software systems for further business insights and planning for upcoming seasons
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What does the 4G upgrade mean for my farm?

Key messages

  • the 3G network is being switched off in 2024 in favour of 4G and 5G networks
  • on-farm electronic devices that rely on 3G technology will need to be upgraded to continue functioning
  • there will be costs involved in upgrading, so it’s important to be prepared and know where to get assistance
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The value of collecting accurate grain yield data

This week’s blog has been contributed by Riverine Plains Premier Partner, IK Caldwell AGnVET

Key messages

  • yield data and mapping can help grain growers understand factors driving profitability
  • accurate, ‘clean’ yield data is essential for making good decisions post-harvest
  • being prepared before harvest is critical to collecting more accurate yield data
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Optical spray technology: Can it reduce costs & improve spray efficiency?

Key messages

  • optical spray technology can offer dramatic savings in chemical, diesel and labour use
  • green-on-brown (fallow) and green-on-green (in-crop) technologies are proving themselves with Australian farmers and can have a fit for all cropping operations
  • low-cost options are available, with drones also having the capability to map and spray weeds across large areas
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Getting the most out of your farm data

Key messages:

  • always have a clear purpose for collecting on-farm data and understand how it can be used to make decisions, for example informing fertiliser strategies, livestock breeding programs and soil amelioration
  • good quality data is critical to making informed decisions
  • ensure that you will be able to access your data, even when changing consultants or machinery suppliers
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