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The value of collecting accurate grain yield data

This week’s blog has been contributed by Riverine Plains Premier Partner, IK Caldwell AGnVET

Key messages

  • yield data and mapping can help grain growers understand factors driving profitability
  • accurate, ‘clean’ yield data is essential for making good decisions post-harvest
  • being prepared before harvest is critical to collecting more accurate yield data
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Timing is everything for maximising hay and silage production

Key messages:

  • fodder demand and pricing will be impacted by predicted warmer and drier conditions and declining livestock prices over the coming months
  • producing quality fodder depends on the timing of cutting and the interval to baling or ensiling
  • take into account the stock class to which fodder will be fed and the timing of it; this will ensure that the fodder is harvested at a time that maximises quality and/or quantity
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What is ISCC and what does it mean for farmers?

Key messages

  • The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a global certification system that verifies sustainability principles for biobased food, feed and renewables.
  • ISCC certification is voluntary, however, growers can gain export advantages and access premium prices.
  • Participating farmers can be audited, so it’s important to be able to produce documentation that supports your declaration if required.
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